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Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Program

Academic Approach

The College of Intercultural Communication undergraduate program rests upon two principles: Understanding and Implementation. The approach of putting theoretical knowledge into practice is combined with student choice, allowing them to find an area(s) of interest and to develop the skills to learn how to apply their acquired knowledge to real-life situations. Students will ultimately focus on one of the four fields of our curriculum as the guiding topic of their graduation thesis. The culmination of this learned ability to operationalize intercultural communication knowledge and skills is an individual ready and willing to make a difference in a pluralistic world community.

Curriculum Flow

Choose courses to match your interests and future ambitions
The CIC curriculum offers courses in the four specialized fields of Language Studies, Translation and Interpreting Studies, Communication Studies, and Global Studies. Students can choose courses aligned with the topics they wish to pursue, creating a plan in line with their own preferences.

First Year

It is a time to find new people and encounter new ways of learning that are different from high school and before. For degree-seeking international students, this stage can be exceptionally challenging. CIC will help you become acquainted with people from different backgrounds and gain an awareness of the Japanese and other cultures. Rediscover yourself.

Second Year

After having started a new way of learning, how to put it into practice with others? How to interact in and with society? The second year focuses on relationships—both in and outside of class—while working on how to discover social issues and how to solve them. Many second-year students depart to study abroad in the Fall semester. This option is available to degree-seeking international students, too.

Third Year

After acquiring an overall understanding on society through interdisciplinary study, find a topic to pursue in a more specialized manner to gain deeper knowledge. CIC offers upper-division courses across all four areas of the curriculum and for the senior research and thesis.

Fourth Year

Link gained knowledge and skills learned at CIC to a future path, so even after graduation the desire to continue to know more remains. Come to know your “present” self and plan to connect to your “future” self to lay a path toward the type of role you wish to have in society going forward.

Student & Alumni Voices

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