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About this site

About this site

This website is operated by the College of Intercultural Communication, Rikkyo University (hereafter to be referred to as “this college”). Please read and understand the points explained below before using this website.
Accessing and using this website will constitute your acceptance of the points shown below.


Copyright for content published on this website (such as text, graphics, photos and various types of data) and any other rights belong to this college and the person who provided the information.
This content (such as text, graphics, photos and various types of data) is protected by the copyrights referred to in Japan Copyright Laws and Conventions and the Copyright Laws of other countries and cannot be used beyond the scope of private use, in addition, it is strictly prohibited to modify, duplicate, rent, lend, sell, publish, transmit, broadcast, etc., this content for third party use without permission of the right holder, regardless of the method used to provide the content.
However, if there are particular terms of use related to individual works, priority will be given to those applicable terms.

Handling Personal Information

This college will handle and manage personal information appropriately based on its Privacy Policy.


This website uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL), a practical Internet encryption communication technology that is currently recognized as being the most reliable for the transmission of data that requires protection, such as data that includes personal information.
This technology enables the safe use of this website because any transmitted personal information is encrypted so that it cannot be viewed by third parties.
Please note that it may not be possible to display the relevant page or enter information if your browser has not been configured to enable SSL or it does not support SSL.

Collecting Access Logs

This college uses access logs (containing information that includes the user domain, user IP address, access date and time, pages visited and browser used) for users of this website in order to manage the website and analyze access status. These access logs are not used to collect information that will identify individuals.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are data files sent to the user’s computer from a website. They can be read from the user’s computer by the website when the user visits the website again.
This website uses cookies on some of its pages, and may collect information such as a history of the pages visited by the user.
These cookies do not obtain personal information belonging to the user. Cookies can be disabled by changing browser settings. However, if they are disabled, this website may not function correctly or some of its services may no longer be available.

Use of Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics to monitor and analyze the access status of users.
Google Analytics uses cookies to collect access logs but these logs do not contain information that will identify individuals.
The method of collection for these access logs and how the logs are used is defined in the Google Analytics Terms of Service and Google Privacy Policy.
Google Analytics Terms of ServiceGoogle Privacy Policy

Recommended System Requirements

The following browsers are recommended to ensure that this website can be viewed and used as intended.
The latest browser version and plug-in software may also be required to view some of the content on this website. We kindly ask for your understanding.
Web browser Google Chrome latest version
Microsoft Edge latest version
Firefox latest version
Safari latest version
JavaScript Enabled
Internet connection speed 56 Kpbs or higher, broadband speed is recommended


This website has been created based on information considered to be reliable because we pay careful attention when publishing the information on the website. However, any information published on the website is current information at the time of publishing so may change over time. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the information published here.
If the information, etc., published on this website should cause some form of damage or harm, this college will not assume any responsibility for such damage or harm.
The content published on this website may also be changed or removed without prior notice. We kindly ask for your understanding.


1. Links to this website

If you wish to link to this website, please contact us from the inquiry page and specify the details shown below. You will only receive a reply from this college when your request to link to this website has been approved.
In principle, only the URL “https://icc.rikkyo.ac.jp/” shall be used to link to this website. We will refuse any links that point to other pages (links to pages within the website) unless there is a good reason to grant permission.

2. Linked third party website content

Content from third party websites that are linked from this website or that link to this website are managed under the responsibility of each website, and are not the responsibility of or managed by this college.
Permission to use a link to this website does not mean that this college endorses or supports the concerned website, and it does not mean that this college guarantees anything about the concerned website and its content or is responsible for such matters.

3. Refusing links

The following type of links or links of a similar nature will be refused.
  • Links from websites that slander this college, its affiliated companies, or executive officers and employees of this college, links with defamatory content, and links that obstruct the operation of this college
  • Links from websites that publish anti-social content (adult websites, etc.)
  • Links from websites that do not comply with intellectual property rights (websites with unauthorized publishing of images, characters, sound files, etc., and websites that publish content to encourage illegal copying of software)
  • Links that mislead people to believe that this college is somehow collaborating or has entered a cooperative relationship with a website, or links that mislead people to believe that this college recognizes or supports the linked website
  • Links from websites that publish contents this college deems problematic

4. Discontinuing links

Please discontinue the link immediately if you cannot comply or are unwilling to comply with the requirements provided by this college, regardless of the reason.

5. Requesting to delete links

This college may request you to delete links with the above-mentioned content and links that it has decided are inappropriate even if these links have been previously approved by this college.

Other Considerations

This website may be discontinued or suspended and its content may be changed or deleted without prior notice. Please also understand that the information shown on this website may not always be up-to-date with the most recent information.
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