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Undergraduate Program

Experiential Learning

There is nothing more invigorating than doing. Experiential learning is a vital—and thriving—component to the College of Intercultural Communication. There are a number of opportunities for students to choose from regardless of their academic year, in order to not only gain experience but also an understanding of what they truly wish to pursue.

Service Learning A/B

These courses offer “After-School Academic Support” sessions and language support in Chinese and English during school lessons for students with international roots attending junior high schools near Rikkyo University. Through these activities, CIC students gain an understanding of multicultural society and engage with social issues while improving their own communication skills. Enrolled students can also opt to participate in the Rikkyo Japanese Language Class.

Service Learning C

CIC students and international students conduct activities in English for public elementary and junior high school students in Toshima Ward, Tokyo and public junior high school students in Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture. This program serves as a valuable place for students to engage in practical English language teaching.

Overseas Field Studies

Students stay in Asian countries and visit local NGOs, schools, and Japanese companies doing business in the area. In addition, through interacting with and getting a glimpse of the lifestyle of children living on the streets, students deepen their understanding on international cooperation and how support should be provided. Through contact with local ways of life and culture, students gain the perspective to think and act for themselves in order to solve problems.

Overseas Internship(CIC)

Students participate in an approximately two-week Japanese language education internship at an overseas partner institution offering Japanese courses. Destinations to date have included universities in China, Taiwan, Mongolia and Indonesia. In addition, an online Japanese language education internship is conducted with Murdoch University in Australia. Based on the knowledge of Japanese language pedagogy they have gained in CIC, participating students take part in actual lessons and lesson support activities, experiencing real-world Japanese language teaching.

Domestic Field Studies

Students visit NPOs and NGOs which deal with international issues including Japan such as poverty, conflict, and migrants and also travel to affected locations with people working on their own to resolve these problems. In turn, students gain the perspective needed to understand challenges from the standpoint of those involved. Instead of considering domestic and overseas social issues in isolation, students who participate in this course develop the ability to connect with and to issues, better enabling them to seek solutions.

Internship / Career Development Practicum

CIC offers unique internships such as at publishing companies known for developing English educational materials and NPOs dedicated to international cooperation. CIC supports students in their internship endeavors, such as providing courses in advance on business etiquette. Coming in contact with the pressure of real-world workplaces, seeing professionalism firsthand, and receiving work feedback and advice, students can expect a valuable experience.

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