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CIC & International Partnerships

Campus and Surrounding Areas

Ikebukuro Campus

Ikebukuro has four student cafeterias including a Halal deli.

Global Lounge
Excellent comfortable space in McKim Hall for meeting up with internationally like-minded people.

Prayer Room
The Prayer Room, located in McKim Hall, is chiefly designed to suit the needs of Muslim students, but it serves as a multi-cultural spiritual space.

Student Health
The clinic on campus provides basic medical services and can be easily found on campus.

The Ikebukuro Library is one of the largest university libraries in Japan, providing enough space for two million books, and it has 1,520 seats for patrons.

Paul Rusch Athletics Center
The athletic center offers a 50-meter heated pool, tennis courts, gym, training room and other excellent facilities.

Niiza Campus

Niiza Campus has two spacious cafeterias and a Halal deli.

Global Lounge
Attend international events or just hang out with friends on the first floor in Building 8.

The gymnasium features five indoor competition arenas, a boxing ring, sumo ring, and other sports facilities.

Building 1
The symbol of the Niiza Campus. Home to the Career Center, the Health Center, the Information Lounge, Convenience Store, and Bookstore.

The Niiza Library offers a comfortable study spot, individual audio/visual booths, and active learning facilities.

St. Paul’s Aquatics Center
The athletic center offers a 50-meter heated pool, tennis courts, gym, training room and other excellent facilities.

Surrounding Areas

Why Tokyo?

The College of Intercultural Communication advises students to first think of their academic goals when considering their study abroad destination. However, in reality, many students have a destination in mind first. Tokyo is unparalleled. As a mega-metropolitan capital city, Tokyo exudes history, culture, art, gastronomic delights, uniqueness, modernity, tradition, and a generation of Japanese university students eager to challenge the world. Tokyo has two international airports and easily accessible shinkansen (aka bullet train) hubs—not to mention overnight busses that can get you to major destinations and one of the most intricate and on-time train systems in the world. Yet despite its size and population density, Tokyo can be surprisingly manageable.

About Ikebukuro

Ikebukuro is located in Toshima Ward, one of the 23 wards of Tokyo. It is in the heart of Tokyo, boasts a diverse immigrant population, and has the world’s third busiest train station. It is known for anime, entertainment, and a vast array of restaurants—not to mention Rikkyo University, which the Times Higher Education (2022) ranked as first among private Japanese universities and third among all Japanese universities in International Outlook.

About Niiza

Niiza, a city located in Saitama, the prefecture just north of Tokyo, is a suburb of the metropolis. Two major train lines run through Niiza, connecting it to Tokyo and major cities in Saitama. Large shopping malls, a shinkansen (aka, bullet train) station, and the historical city of Kawagoe are all easily accessible.

Niiza Station

Kawagoe City

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