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CIC & International Partnerships

Application Schedule, Cost and Accomodations

Application Schedule

The procedure to apply to study abroad at Rikkyo University as an international exchange student is here. Note that the Certificate of Finance requirements are stipulated by the government of Japan.
To Study in the Spring
(April to July)
To Study in the Fall
(September to January)
Application Period October 1 – November 15 February 1 – March 15
Notice of Application Completion Late November Late April
Admission Notice Late December Late May
Dormitory Application Deadline Late January Late June
Issuance of Certificate of Eligibility (COE) Mid February Mid July
Apply for Student Visa Do so immediately upon receiving COE
Admission Documentation Will be sent to you by mail (Letter of Admission and COE) or through the online application system or by E-mail (scholarship allocation, dormitory notification, etc.)
Arrival in Japan Before or on dormitory move-in days
In time to attend orientation
Dormitory Move-in Period 2 days in the 3rd week of March 2 days in the 1st week of September
Orientation Week 3rd week of March 1st week of September
Start of Classes Around 2nd week of April Around 3rd week of September
Refer to documentation from CIC and Rikkyo University about the exact dates for your study abroad term.
Some schedules are subject to change.


International exchange students coming from partner universities will not pay Rikkyo University tuition costs. Such partnerships are known as tuition-waiver programs. However, in the rare case that a course has additional fees (e.g., for travel or special equipment), the student would be responsible to pay for those costs. Check course syllabi for such information.

Monthly costs estimates vary, especially because currency exchange rates can drastically influence such estimates and individual student’s spending habits are different. One estimate by Rikkyo University is 125,000 yen per month.


The Rikkyo University International Office coordinates accommodation requests. International exchange students are eligible to apply for a room at one of the five Rikkyo housing options. Each facility has a different cost, and though students can request a specific location, their request cannot be guaranteed. Most locations will require a short commute by train to the Ikebukuro Campus. See the Dormitory Information site for more information.

Rikkyo International Residence (RIR) Shiinamachi

Rikkyo University International Dormitory (RUID) Asakadai

Rikkyo University International Dormitory (RUID) Shiki

If students wish to secure their own housing, please visit this site.


Any person living in who will have an address in Japan for more than 3 months must join the Japanese National Health Insurance. The students need to complete the application for the insurance at a nearby city/ward office after their arrival in Japan. The Rikkyo Student Mutual Aid Health Insurance Union is optional but allows for free treatment at the Rikkyo Medical Clinic and Niiza Shiki Central Hospital.
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