Message from Dean

Dr. Chika Maruyama/Dean: College of Intercultural Communication

Dear international students,

Studying intercultural communication at Rikkyo University is like setting out on a journey. As it progresses, you will encounter and interact with a diverse group of people in an increasingly complex and global society.

Throughout history, Japan has absorbed culture and technology from Asia as well as Europe and the Americas, and then adapted these elements to develop its own unique, hybrid culture. The Tokyo metropolitan area is home to a diverse community, a culture that has given rise to what might be called a uniquely Japanese style of communication. Although this culture or communication style may sometimes seem strange or even hard to understand, I hope that you will approach unfamiliar cultures and people with curiosity, and that you will join us at the College of Intercultural Communication at Rikkyo University.

Our department welcomes about 140 new students every year, and faculty members use expertise drawn from a variety of different backgrounds across a wide range of research areas to guide students and nurture their academic ambitions. Our curriculum and programs are structured to push students to use the skills that they are learning, which they will need in order to contribute to a society that respects diversity. At the College of Intercultural Communication we examine the function of culture and language as well as different methods of communication, and tackle questions such as how to engage with people who have different worldviews, how to approach cultural and societal backgrounds underlying different value systems in order to understand them, how human beings can coexist amidst diversity and differences, and how to create peace and prosperity in our lives. So, bring the customs and worldviews of your upbringing with you and make friends here from Japan and other nations. Are you ready to find solutions in diversity?