Qualifications (Professional Pathway)

English Language Teacher Training Program

CIC students can earn Type 1 Junior High School and High School Teacher’s Credentials by completing a certification course for teacher training. To earn their credentials, students must earn credit for designated CIC Courses Regarding Subjects to Teach in addition to completing the teacher training courses.

Japanese Language Teacher Training Program

A program designed to impart the skills and expertise to teach the Japanese language to second language learners. Students who complete a certain set of courses will receive a certificate of completion. Many students have completed this program already, and there is a wide range of job opportunities available both at JAPAN and abroad, with some former graduates even working as Japanese language instructors overseas. The program is also affiliated with the Rikkyo Japanese Language Class, a language-learning support activity conducted in cooperation with Toshima Ward, which is an elective/compulsory course in this Program as part of Service Learning A and B (regular curriculum subjects). The volunteer and regular curriculum aspects of this program will continue to develop in the future.

Japanese Language Teacher Training Program Courses

Teaching Practicum-Japanese Language is a course in which students conduct Japanese language classes for international students studying abroad at Rikkyo University. The course meets twice per week, and in it students gain a firm grasp on how to create lesson plans and materials as well as how to conduct classes.

  • First Year

    • Overview of Intercultural Communication Studies
    • Introduction to the Study of Japanese A
    • Introduction to the Study of Japanese B
    • Service Learning B ※
    • Overseas Japanese Language Teaching Practicum
  • Second Year

    • Cultural Exchange
    • Teaching of Japanese as a Foreign Language A
    • Service Learning A ※
  • Third Year

    • Teaching of Japanese as a Foreign Language B
    • Special Topics in Japanese Linguistics
    • Teaching Practicum-Japanese Language
    • Advanced Seminar
  • Fourth Year

    • Overseas Japanese Language Education Internship※
    • Advanced Seminar
    • Senior Research and Thesis
    • ※Students must choose one of the three courses from the marked category.

Interpreter/Translator Training Program

A cohesive training program spanning undergraduate and graduate studies. Students who complete a set of courses will receive a certificate of completion. While a very strong command of both one’s native and second language is required, the value in taking this program is the growing need for interpreters and translators. Interpreters are needed to help people struggling with Japanese in a variety of areas of everyday life, including medical, police, and court situations. Students of this program will have the opportunity to participate in Rikkyo Community Language Service (RiCoLaS) and gain widely useful interpreting/translation experience.

Interpreter and Translator Training Program Courses

Our incomparable curriculum design satisfies ISO and other international standards.
Through systematic study, students will grow into interpreters and translators recognized as professionals throughout the world.

  • First Year

    • Introduction to Translation and Interpreting Studies
    • Topics in Translation and Interpreting
  • Second Year

    • Introduction to Interpreting
    • Introduction to Translation
  • Third/Fourth Year

    • Consecutive Interpreting
    • Introduction to Simultaneous Interpreting
    • Intermediate Translation 1
    • Intermediate Translation 2
    • Translation and Interpreting Practicum
    • Advanced Seminar
    • Senior Research and Thesis