Dual Language Pathway

Study in English and Japanese
Become a Global Leader in the
“Dual Language Pathway”

Dual Language PathwayAs a member of the DLP program you will gain specialized knowledge and skills through the College of Intercultural Communication that involves a four-year curriculum-in two languages, English and Japanese. In the DLP program, you will make full use of your practical skills in English (reading, writing, speaking and listening) and further develop your Japanese skills (contemplation, understanding, and self-expression). The capacity of this program is limited to 15 people, who are selected by taking a specialized, individual entrance examination. Participants take both of the specialized subjects provided by the College of Intercultural Communication that are conducted in English, as well as Japanese subjects.
As one of the few members of the DLP cohort, you will acquire values that can only be found through this program and come to understand and be what the world needs— A True Global Leader

Sophisticated expertise ✕ Logical thinking, to convey your opinion in Japanese ✕ Logical thinking, to convey your opinion in English

※Students are selected through the Entrance Exam for International Courses. After admission, students can apply to enter the DLP program from their second year.

Dual Language Pathway | Features

  • 1To acquire writing and other basic study skills by taking “Academic Skills”. This and other DLP courses are designed to fully prepare students to take regular undergraduate courses in English at universities abroad.
  • 2To develop academic skills in Japanese by taking “Basic Seminar”. Credits for courses offered in Japanese are counted toward the graduation requirement (10 credit hours+α) so that students can deepen their knowledge and skills in their chosen fields of study.
  • 3Senior Research and Thesis: Compulsory subject You are required to write in English
  • 4Study abroad at a partner university from the Fall semester of the second year (for one semester or an academic year)
  • ※If a student studies abroad for a year, it will not be possible to obtain Teacher’s License in four years.

Dual Language Pathway | DLP Courses (not a complete list)

    • Academic Skills A, B
    • Overview of Intercultural Communication Studies
    • Introduction to International Development and Cooperation
    • Introduction to Intercultural Communication
    • Communication and Citizenship
    • Multiculturalism in Japan
    • Bilingualism
    • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages : Basic Principles
    • Translation and Interpreting Practicum
    • Ethnicity and Globalization in Japan