Career Support

Career Planning Support Initiatives

Multifaceted career planning support to get students thinking about employment early and establish detailed visions of their careers after graduation

The College of Intercultural Communication employs career planning advisors who are dedicated to helping students connect what they learn at CIC to their careers. In addition, CIC students function as “career messengers” for their classmates, inspiring them to think proactively about their own careers.

  • First Year

    Time to think about your own path and future

    Beginning with a Career Design Guidance session upon enrollment, students take the time to find themselves at their own pace.

    Second Year

    Time to experience different cultures
    and discover new worlds

    Studying abroad in and after the fall semester exposes students to new world views, and they begin to develop themselves.

    Third Year

    Time to prepare for what’s next,
    and take specific action

    Various guidance sessions, internships only available through CIC and other experiences help students face choices about the paths ahead of them.

  • Career planning support involves:

    • CIC Welcome Hour
    • Various career planning support programs
    • Guidance on career design
    • Various seminars and lectures

    Job search support involves:

    • Internships
    • Corporate research seminars
    • Guidance for finding employment
    • Guidance for CIC course of study
    • Job Search Support Program