We believe that bringing people with diverse backgrounds to a single campus to study together is a fine way to help students master the problem solving skills needed to create multicultural coexistence. Thus, the College of Intercultural Communications offers several different ways to gain admission, including general entrance exams, the Entrance Exam for Athletes, applications based on self-referral, entrance exams for international students and the National Center Test for University Admissions. Please visit the following pages for information about admissions.

  • Admissions Information

    Information about entrance exams administered by CIC, schedules and enrollment limits.

  • Scholarships

    Information about various scholarship programs for students.

  • Request document

    Click here to request documents or other information related to entrance exams.

  • Open Campus

    Rikkyo University holds Open Campus events each summer.

  • Brochure (PDF)

    View the CIC pamphlet online here.