Curriculum Design

Specialized course groups encourage
multifaceted study of intercultural communication

The Department of Intercultural Communication has established four groups of specialized courses for students to take after they have learned the fundamentals of intercultural communication research. The groups were established on the dual principles of understanding and involvement, and each interrelates with the others and with the fundamentals of research. The organic link between the two principles enables students to choose courses that align with their chosen research themes, and helps them learn how to take action on their own.

Language Studies
To consider communication means to consider words themselves, and also to analyze people’s behavior as expressed through words. Some of the things we consider in this course group are systems for communicating information through words, folklore passed down through generations using words, and mechanisms of language acquisition.
Translation & Interpreting Studies
This course group encourages awareness of the challenges and possibilities of communication between differing cultures and languages, and aspects of interpreting and translation in practice. The goal is to equip students with entry-level interpreting and translation skills for companies and organizations through interpreting and translation seminars that revolve around hands-on practice and collaborative projects.
Communication Studies
This course group focuses on contemporary society, where regional and national borders are rapidly fading and where conciliation but also frequent conflict and opposition are realities. We will analyze the various challenges that arise from these events from an approach that focuses on communication.
Global Studies
This course group enables students to acquire expertise about people, media, language, culture and a variety of other topics that constantly shift as the world continues to globalize. Students can also further their understanding of international cooperation and development in terms of conflict resolution, development education and other perspectives only offered at CIC.
  First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year
Core Courses Compulsory Courses
  • ●Academic Skills A, B
  • ●Overview of Language and Communication Studies
  • ●Overview of Global Studies
Compulsory Course
  Overseas Training Program
(All students, essentially)
  • ●Study Abroad Program A, B (Fall Semester)
Elective Courses Core Courses
  • ●College Life Planning A・B
Main Courses
  • ●Communication Seminars (German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean)
  Core Courses
  • ●Communication Seminar (Intensive) A, B
Core Courses
  • ●Japanese Communication A, B (international students only)
  Basic Course
  • ●Seminar in Japanese Language Business Communication
Core Courses
  • ●Seminar in English A ~ F
  Core Courses
  • ●Japan Study Program A ~ F
  Basic Course
  • ●Internship
Basic Courses
  • ●Introduction to Linguistics ●Introduction to the Study of English ●Introduction to the Study of Japanese A, B ●Introduction to Communication ●Introduction to International Development and Cooperation ●Introduction to Cultural Anthropology ●Introduction to Cultural Studies ●Introduction to Cultural History ●Introduction to Sustainability Studies ●Introduction to Translation and Interpreting Studies
  Basic Course●Introduction to Intercultural Communication
  Specialized Courses
  • ●Pedagogy of English for Communication ●Teaching of Japanese as a Foreign Language A ●Seminar in Intercultural Training ●Special Topics in ICC A-C (Intensive Course) ●Introduction to Interpreting ●Consecutive Interpreting ●Intermediate Translation 1 ●Translation and Interpreting in Multicultural Society ●Topics in Global Cultural Studies ●Topics in International Cooperation and Development ●Fieldwork ●Research Methods in Global Studies
  Specialized Courses
  • ●Psycholinguistics ●Theories of First Language Acquisition ●Theories of Second Language Acquisition ●Bilingualism ●Pragmatics ●Measurement and Evaluation in Language Education ●Teaching Practicum-Japanese Language ●Research Methods in Language Studies ●Introduction to Simultaneous Interpreting ●Translation and Interpreting Practicum
Specialized Courses
  • ●Topics in Intercultural Communication A, B ●Globalization and Communication ●Globalization and Language ●Development and Culture ●Peace and Conflict Studies ●Art Theory A, B
    Advanced Seminar, Senior Research and Thesis
  • ●Advanced Seminar 1
Advanced Seminar, Senior Research and Thesis
  • ●Advanced Seminar 2, 3
  Advanced Seminar, Senior Research and Thesis
  • ●Senior Research and Thesis/Graduation Assignment
Free Elective Courses Free Elective CoursesCourses from other colleges, other departments/Credit transfer system between five universities (f-Campus)/Approved study abroad courses